Nos illusions perdues

A play for three interpreters by Fanny de Chaillé
With Christine Bombal, Jérôme Andrieu, Christophe Ives

Duration 55 minutes

Nos illusions perdues was created on the 27th July 2008 as part of Festival Parcours de danse at Domaine départemental of Chamarande.

Production Association Display, Domaine départemental of Chamarande

Two years ago at Chamarande, I directed a play, AMÉRIQUE. It was the first time that I confronted myself to the outside world. This new confrontation to the outside will be a deepening of the work for AMÉRIQUE. We will experiment in this space as subjects

To work for a pulling together of our forces, words, energies. To do nothing without one another, without his help, his intervention, his weight, his load. To develop a collective body for addressing this outdoor space to the disproportionate scale ratio. To confront this space and to work on our relationship with it, measuring what man represents in the face of Nature. The absence of limits related to the vastness, the energy that such a scale summons. What type of perception in what type of space?

To work the scale ratio, that of nature, disproportionate, and the man who faces her. To work on the perception that we have of things, confronting ourselves once again to the outdoor space and to work on how the scale ratios generates disorder, doubt. To include speech. Appearances. To rely on appearances.

Finally the reality consists of what we build individually, what we perceive.

Which elements influence our perceptions? How can a scale ratio induce a particular reading?

This play will be set up with three interpreters of different perceptual experiences. How does speech generate a ritual of words, of movement?

But what is left of the perception itself against the contribution of the memory, of culture, of the understanding: could knowing be reduced to acknowledging?

Fanny de Chaillé