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From a long distance, two relatives talk about an ecocatastrophe, about an international serial killer, about a crazy roommate.
A dubious software is reading on their lips, a french person is translating french.
It seems like the three desasters are confused, and that the two man are just one person.
But who is the roommate then?
Where is the third excluded guy?

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Mmeellooddyy Nneellssoonn

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The Music tElLs a stOry. The voice Dramatises. The accident embodies.
The young ladY and the death. AnNabel LEe. Lolita. Alice in WonderlaNd. Spirit Of ecstasy.
The uNique appearance of a distant so close be it, since Gainsbourg.
Destruction in the conditionn to visibility.
Fanny de Chaillé. Grégoire Monsaingeon. She is at the center. He shows (off).

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Je suis un metteur en scène japonais

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Bunraku is an ancient Japanese art of puppetry, which happened to make the dream of Fanny de Chaillé come true when she improvised the character of a Japanese director. Bunraku has a very specific traditional structure which is respected here: a narrator who plays every role of the story, a musician who accompanies the emotions of the narrator, large puppets manipulated by three handlers.

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Passage à l’acte

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Concept Fanny de Chaillé and Philippe Ramette
Everything seems to pull them apart, but it’s only a matter of perspective… Her, choreographer and performer, enthusiast to the dynamic gesture of dance, theatre and performance… Him, motionless gesture virtuoso, dream artist, freezing his body in invisible sculptures then taking pictures in astounding situations…

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Gonzo Conférence

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Fanny de Chaillé bypasses the form of the conference by placing herself under the patronage of Lester Bangs, the ultimate symbol of freedom of expression and of counter-culture. She indeed espouses the cause of rock critics, who lead to the most passionate commitments.

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