Creation 2019

Conception and realisation Fanny de Chaillé and Manuel Coursin
Production and distribution Isabelle Ellul

Duration 1h

Creation 2019 at Mont-Cenis, Lanslebourg as part of ANDIAMO!

Malraux scène nationale Chambéry Savoie, in the framework of ALCOTRA (a program of European cross-border cooperation between France and Italy), in association with the national theater of Turin, the University Savoie Mont Blanc and the association Dislivelli thought a project for the Mont-Cenis pass by ordering Fanny de Chaillé to create an audio-guide.

Since at least the 8th century, the 14km long Mont-Cenis pass has been the route linking Italy to Savoie (France). Used by thousands of hikers, it is today an itinerary through the alpine landscape, between both countries. At first glance, no trace, no sign of mankind neither from the past nor from the present enables us to identify the passage across the territory. Hence the idea to imagine the first audio-guide which would tell what is not or no more visible. What does the landscape say about what we are? What does a frontier mean when the barrier is nature itself. Fanny de Chaillé talks about this place by giving voice to its inhabitants. She proposes to be guided by voices, the ones from the people who have lived or still live in Mont Cenis. Through a series of anecdotes one may track down the history of a country, of a landscape.

Coproduction Display, Malraux scène nationale Chambéry Savoie with the support of FACIM.
This project is part of ALCOTRA – a European cross-border cooperation program between France and Italy, in association with the national theater of Turin, the Savoie Mont Blanc University and the Dislivelli association.

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