A play for an island

Conception Fanny de Chaillé
With Christophe IvesFanny de Chaillé
Production diffusion Isabelle Ellul

Created in 2006 in the context of festival Parcours de danse at Domaine départemental of Chamarande.


With AMÉRIQUE, I want to present an experiment, that of a certain self-transcendence. I want to leave the theatre aside by working on the pattern of the island, real or imagined, to try incorporating other body movements.
By living on this island, we shall be separated from our links, redefine new shapes, emancipate ourselves from our origins, from the environment in which we grew up, from our history.
The island as an ideal of rebirth, of renewal.

Fanny de Chaillé

Production Association Display
Coproduction Domaine départemental de Chamarande, Département de l’Essonne