from 2014 to 2021

Marie-Pia Bureau invited Fanny de Chaillé for a long-term collaboration as soon as she presented her project proposal for Malraux national theater. Discussions began as early as July 2013 and a decision for a lasting and strong presence throughout the season was made for the next 2014/2015 season. 

Whether it is in dance, theater or performance, Fanny de Chaillé creates projects without being concerned by artistic genres while working mostly with dancers: « I make pieces because it seems that theater remains one of the only places where one can speak, hear and listen to one another. I’m betting that it’s through sensuality, the sound of language that one can give back some values to theater. This main focus informs most of my pieces, like for example, JE SUIS UN METTEUR EN SCÈNE JAPONAIS based on Minetti, by Thomas Bernhard – pieces that are not, strictly speaking, « staged » theater pieces in the traditional sense. I never say that I « adapt » texts, I use the text from an author as a departure point to develop a thinking process and create a new form for the stage. »