Creation for the EXTENSIONS training of CDC Toulouse

Conception Fanny de Chaillé
With Gauthier Autant, Lisa Biscaro Balle, Florent Brun, Coline Bulloz, Raoul Carrer, Charlotte Larcher, Delphine Mothes, Clémence Péguy, Gwendal Raymond, Victor Rémis, Thaïs Weishaupt
Repeater Christine Bombal
Technic Thierry Allaire

Duration 1h

Production 2017 La Place de la danse – Centre de développement chorégraphique de Toulouse
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A unique professional training for contemporary dance performers in the south west region of France. The Extensions training brings together eleven students for a duration of two years at the Toulouse CDC (Center for Choreographic Development). This training involves an advanced course cycle which gives the students the opportunity to work with today’s artists from various aesthetic and artistic fields. In 2017, the students took part in the making of Fanny de Chaillé’s new piece entitled JE SUIS… 

JE SUIS… is a piece about the group, about its shape which is both seminal and emphatic but also coercive. How to reveal oneself, to grow as « I » within the group without impacting it too much or being impacted by it while bearing it… Each of the performers was asked to define oneself by making its own « I am… » and from that, we wrote a piece together.
For me it meant to work while I was confronted with this group’s reality. A group of students within an organisation, a training aimed towards an « extension ». Taking this extension literally, such as a « I » which could become a shared « we ». 

Fanny de Chaillé

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