Maison des métallos

The BEFORE evenings are conceived for people to gather and make discoveries together. They are organised two Fridays per month in the frame of residencies at « Maison des métallos »: meetings, performances, concerts… They take place in different parts of the Maison, you may wander wherever you want!

BEFORE à l’échelle de la vie // BEFORE throughout life.
Children, teenagers, adults together or not…
A before for all ages and all appetites on Friday February 7, 2020 at 7 p.m.

A musical evening, a celebration of generations, together or simultaneously, minis, teenagers and adults. We party, each his own in the same evening, the playlists are at the right height. Have you ever seen kids mixing? We sway in front of Soli/Duets, made from excerpts from pieces by Fanny de Chaillé which all have in common… a song. The artists who wore them are there to bring to life in stories or actions Nirvana, Gainsbourg, Pipilotti Rist or Nick Cave… And we turn our heads upside down with the concert of the stripping duo Sarah Murcia (jazz bassist) and FredChicken (sulphurous pop-rocker) who hijack, disguise, abuse or embellish pieces of variety that have accompanied us all.

As you arrive, grab a headphone for a KARAOKURT : a karaoke inspired by Kurt Schwitters’ work, and thus it became a Karaokurt. In 4 minutes and 30 seconds, with Matthieu Doze and Fanny de Chaillé, become a professional at onomatopoeia! Find your way into the black room for a neurones clash with LE VOYAGE D’HIVER : a performance by Fanny de Chaillé inspired by one of Georges Perec’s texts. The original text scrolls down before your eyes, just like credits do, while Fanny de Chaillé reads aloud her own transcription, made from synonyms only. The meaning is there, but goes off on a different tangent… little by little get ready to drop into a wild chase where it is assured that between what you’re reading and hearing your neurones will get short-circuited… and it’s also exhilarating!
Then move on with L’HISTOIRE D’UN MEC by Coluche, read by Grégoire Monsaingeon with Jean-Luc Godard’s voice. We guarantee you a surprising effect, due to the fact that with someone else’s voice the meaning of the words take a total different twist!
At the start and end of the evening have a drink at the bar (and/or a good sandwich) to the sounds of the mix DJ Matthieu Doze has especially put together to GIVE VOICE.
And if your ears are still asking for some more, don’t miss out on RODOLPHE BURGER’s concert who will overwhelm you with his half-spoken, half-sung gravelly voice and PIERRE ALFERI’s concert for POP poetry in a shape of a poem-cinema during the BEFORE #1 evening, and the concert « The Soleil » by Fred Poulet during the BEFORE #2 evening.