A participatory project for the public space

Duration 1h


The race is a test of speed, a competition over a distance, a given route.
I want to organize a race for many people in the public space.
In a time when society promotes a certain distinctive speed, aggressiveness, competitiveness, productivity, I want to organize a race that reverses its nature, its calling by inventing a new rule: the loser is the winner!
This race is a slow race, it follows the rules of this type of competition, but its purpose is reversed: it is he who comes last, who is the slowest, who wins the race.
Anybody can register, the course is approximately 50 meters long and the rule is simple: to move forward, always forward. Stops and reversals are prohibited.
To move forward, as slowly as possible, in order to be the last competitor to reach the finish line.

Fanny de Chaillé

Production Association Display
Coproduction Théâtre de la Cité Internationale