Conception and performance Fanny de Chaillé and Grégoire Monsaingeon
Lights Willy Cessa
Production diffusion Isabelle Ellul

Duration : 50 minutes

Created in 2012 as part of « Week-end International de la Cité ».


The Music tElLs a stOry. The voice Dramatises. The accident embodies.
The young ladY and the death. AnNabel LEe. Lolita. Alice in Wonderland. Spirit Of ecstasy.
The uNique appearance of a distant so close be it, since Gainsbourg.
Destruction in the conditionn to visibility.
Fanny de Chaillé. Grégoire Monsaingeon. She is at the center. He shows (off).

This project is an order of the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris: Mmeellooddyy Nneellssoonn belongs to a saga intitled “Album”: an artist takes over the album of a musicain coming from the repertory of current music.

Coproduction Association Display
Théâtre de la Cité internationale à Paris and with the support of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC Ile-de-France as part of the l’aide au projet.