Pierre Alferi versus Fanny de Chaillé

Conception Fanny de Chaillé
Writer Pierre Alferi
Production diffusion Isabelle Ellul

Duration : 30 minutes


Pierre Alferi, writer, makes a scene to Fanny de Chaillé, choregrapher. The roles are more or less shared. Only the thing is, as her first love was sonorous poetry, she is going to want to get involve into the text. And because he hates theatre, he is capable of reading and pretending to steer her.
From such dialogue of deaf, the duo keep the pragmatic skeleton of a scene. If they say everything to each other they say it by periphrases, or under hypnosis. And when the truth, surrounded, will make its comming out between the writer in tutu and the choregrapher with glasses, there is a good chance for it to go wrong

Production commande du festival concordan(s)e 2014 / Pôle Sud, scène conventionnée pour la Danse, Strasbourg / Association Display, et la mise à disposition de studios du Centre National de la Danse, Pantin et de la Maison Populaire de Montreuil
With the support of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC Ile-de-France as part of l’aide à la compagnie.