La RADIO – episodes #1, #2, #3 et #4

LE CHOEUR is a project by Fanny de Chaillé as part of the “Talents Adami Théâtre” device based on the text “Et la rue” from the book “divers chaos” by Pierre Alferi (P.O.L.).
This radio in 4 episodes is an extension of it.

Find the podcasts designed between the Atelier de Paris and the CND in Pantin in September and October 2020
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  • La Radio #1, #2, #3 et #4 to listen → click here

Radio design: Manuel Coursin
Interpretation-writing: Marius Barthaux, Marie-Fleur Behlow, Rémy Bret, Adrien Ciambarella, Maud Cosset-Chéneau, Malo Martin, Polina Panassenko, Tom Verschueren, Margot Viala et Valentine Vittoz