Lecture for two voices at the Franz West exhibition

Conception and production Fanny de Chaillé
With Jean-Luc Vincent and Marcial Di Fonzo Bo
Sound Manuel Coursin

Duration 50min

A 2018 order from the Centre Pompidou
With FIAC as part of the Parades for FIAC festival


Directed by Fanny de Chaillé. A unique experiment for theatre by Mike Kelleyand Franz West made in 1999, À haute voix – To Be Read Aloud starts with a discussion between the two creators about their work and the conditions for producing it. Fanny de Chaillé‘s interpretation includes a reading for two people, where the text’s onomatopoeic quality transcends the content of its message within the installation Auditorium by Franz West.

A Haute voix (To be read aloud) – a phonetic study,  is a theater piece by Mike Kelley and Franz West; the artists’ intention is clear, it is not the transcription of a conversation but a theater piece’s script whose roles are distributed. The text needs to be read aloud, it can only be read by two people. « this leads to the idea of karaoke; the attention shifts from the message to the onomatopoeic quality, as in Mac Luhan’s assertion: the medium is the message. »
Reviving this text, this score with two actors, Jean luc Vincent in Franz West’s role and Marcial di Fonzo Bo in Mike Kelley’s. Working on this text, starting from the score and making it into a reading for two voices and a ghetto blaster, creating space with sound.