Concept Fanny de Chaillé and Philippe Ramette
Lights Yves Godin
Dance Christine Bombal, Christophe Ives, Betty Tchomanga, Lenio Kakléa, Madeleine Fournier, Pauline Brun, Kerem Gelebek, Jonas Chéreau, Jérôme Andrieu, Sylvain Prunenec and Guillaume Bailliart
Production Isabelle Ellul
Thanks to Marc Domage and Jérôme Robbe

Duration 50 minutes

Created in 2011 at the Théâtre de la Cité internationale in Paris in the context of the project “New Settings” of the Hermès foundation.


“Everything seems to pull them apart, but it’s only a matter of perspective… Her, choreographer and performer, enthusiast to the dynamic gesture of dance, theatre and performance… Him, motionless gesture virtuoso, dream artist, freezing his body in invisible sculptures then taking pictures in astounding situations… Both fascinated by the absurd, the body and the need to rationalize the irrational… Passage à l’acte materializes almost four years of passionate discussion between the two, aiming to attract each artist on the other’s field.
Finally suiting the action to the word, Fanny de Chaillé and Phillippe Ramette have invented a “dramatic form” to tame each other’s gesture – the constraint of movement for her, the exposure in the theatre for him.”

Brigitte Jais – Programme “New Settings 2011”

Production Association Display
Coproduction Théâtre de la Cité Internationale à Paris, Musée de la Danse – Centre Chorégraphique National of Rennes and of Bretagne, with the support of the corporate Foundation Hermès in the context of her programme “New settings”, and of the European network WEB (Uzès danse, WP Zimmer – festival amperdans Antwerp, Le Vivat Armentières, Dampfzentrale Berne, Beursschouwburg Brussels, HAU Berlin, Frascati Amsterdam, Vooruit Gent) and of the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC Île-de-France as part of l’aide au projet.